​Individual classes

Judith has found that many parents and carers prefer to learn how to massage their baby on their own, so she offers individual classes, which can either be held at our home base in Eltham or in your own home.

Typically, there will be three sessions, a week apart, that will go for an hour to an hour and a half. 

Individual classes can commence as soon as you feel ready, after the birth of your baby (babies). Generally, infant/baby massage is best learnt before your baby is very mobile i.e. up to eight months of age.

You can either contact Judith or send a booking request to start the ball rolling.

What is involved in an infant/baby massage session?

You will learn in a caring supportive environment and have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions. You will gain an awareness of the pressure, rate, rhythm and routine that suits you and your baby.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the power of touch, the importance of attachment and nurturing, how to recognise your baby’s cues/body language, why permission and protective behaviours are critical and discuss issues such as crying, to name just some of what will be covered.

You will learn a number of strokes at each session, be encouraged to practice them at home and have any concerns addressed at the next session before learning some more stokes. We go slowly because this is important for both you and your baby. We want you to be confident and we want your baby to slowly and gently become comfortable with being massaged.

What to bring or have on hand

  • A large towel that it is okay to get massage oil on,

  • A pillow that it is okay to get massage oil on,

  • A yoga mat if you have one,  

  • A change of clothes for your baby, spare nappies, baby wipes etc.,

  • Your own massage oil if you have one you prefer to use on your baby,

  • A water bottle, and

  • Snacks, depending on the age of your baby.

How much are the classes?


For a set of three individual classes in your own home, the cost is $300.

A set of three individual classes at our Eltham home base, is $240.

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