Judith has developed a unique two part massage program for children aged two years and over. The massage program is equally beneficial for children who have grown up with infant/baby massage and children who have not experienced any form of massage to date.


Why massage your child as they get older?

As Nicole Nifo, who is a Canadian perinatal massage therapist says, “massage is a parenting
tool that grows with your child”.

It builds trust, intimacy and the opportunity to share and resolve concerns/worries in a supportive and comforting atmosphere. It reinforces or rekindles your bond with your child.

It offers an opportunity to share time together and for you both to:


  • relax if it is a calming massage,

  • experience a range of sensations if it is a stimulating massage,

  • laugh, have fun, and use your imagination if it is a story massage.


What does the two part massage program look like?


The two part massage program involves two individual classes, which can be held either at our home base in Eltham or in your own home.


The goal is to teach you the massage program so that you can then massage your child(ren).


Each class goes for approximately one hour and involves you learning the massage strokes, without your child(ren).


Part One


In the class you will:


  • learn about the benefits of massaging your child,

  • be taught specific massage strokes and how and when to use them,

  • learn a calming massage sequence and a stimulating massage sequence,

  • be shown how to support your child, through massage, if they are experiencing issues

  • including problems sleeping, and growing pains for example and,

  • have an opportunity to practice the massage strokes.


Part Two


In the class you will:


  • learn about the joys of story massage,

  • learn the story massage strokes,

  • learn or relearn nursery rhymes, stories that can be used for a story massage, and

  • practice the story massage strokes, using what you have learnt plus your imagination!!

How much are the classes?

For the two part massage program in your home, the cost is $200.


An individual class in your home, is $100.

The two part massage program at our Eltham home base, is $160.


An individual class at our Eltham home base, is $80.


For more information please contact Judith or send a booking request:

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