So why did Judith decide to become an Infant Massage Educator?

Judith taking a baby massage class

I am a Bowen therapist and I have been in practice since 1998. In my clinic I often have new clients say to me that their body has never felt “right”, others appear to be totally disconnected from their body or don’t understand that what they do to their body will have an impact, often in the form of pain.

I have also had the privilege of working with very young babies, some of whom have experienced a difficult birth and/or are finding it difficult to feed, to settle or appear uncomfortable “in their own skin”.

This got me thinking! How do I support babies and young children to deal with their health and wellbeing challenges and to become “comfortable in their own skin” so that they don’t grow up to be disconnected/unhappy in their own body? This lead me to the extraordinary benefits of baby or infant massage. I subsequently trained as an Infant Massage Educator and I now run group and individual baby massage classes in Melbourne.

I get enormous joy and satisfaction at seeing babies and their parents or carers connect in a profound way and for the babies to clearly enjoy touch, making eye contact, communicating with their parent/carer and learning about who they are as well as what is and is not okay for them as individuals.

Baby or infant massage also has profound benefits for the massager as it can assist in the bonding process, they learn new things about their precious baby and they get to spend special one on one time with them.

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