Growing up, when you are a baby, can have its highs and lows, how can infant massage help you?

Child and adult hand

Growing up involves physical, emotional and cognitive development, all of which involves and is supported by touch. In fact, touch is fundamental for all aspects of human development.

Baby or infant massage is all about the power of touch. Specific massage strokes assist the baby to release the tension/growing pains that accompany body growth.

Baby massage also assists the baby to gain a sense of where their body begins and ends, which helps them to achieve body awareness and coordination which is central to physical development.

Eye contact gained through one to one interaction supports connection and emotional development. Listening and talking during a massage encourages the emergence of the precursors to language i.e. shrieking, gurgling, laughing etc. and act as building blocks for listening, communication and connection.

Massaging your baby therefore, will both deal with the day to day challenges of growing up as well as have lifelong benefits.

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