What is my role as an infant massage educator?

Judith taking an infant massage class

I am always very aware that when I run group baby massage classes that everyone who walks into the class brings with them their own personal, cultural, social expectations and beliefs. They will undoubtedly be comparing themselves and their babies with the other parents and children.

My role is to encourage those who are not confident and to reinforce that all of the parents/carers are all doing the best that they can and that it is okay to feel overwhelmed and in need of support at times. I also always acknowledge that some aspects of parenting will come easily and that some areas will be harder and that what occurs will manifest in a myriad of combinations and permutations and that that is okay as well.

Most of all my role is to ensure that the parents/carers feel equipped to massage their babies and that the babies both feel heard and respected and ultimately enjoy the one on one experience with their parent/carer.

Would you like to find out about the benefits of infant massage for you and your baby? Phone Judith: 0400 641 669 or email: info@touchingmoments.com.au

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