What is colic and can infant massage help?

Is your baby irritable, crying a lot and/or showing signs of stomach or gut pain?

In Vimala McClure’s Infant Massage book she uses the term colic “for babies who cry for extended periods of time and are obviously experiencing stomach pain.

A truly colicky baby is stiff and tenses, has a distended abdomen, and has difficulty tolerating stimulation.”

If this sounds like your baby, then infant massage can be of assistance in a number of ways.

It can support you and your baby to relax as colic (crying/irritability) can be at times very stressful for you both. There are specific strokes designed to assist the gut, which is generally involved in a child with colic.

The colic strokes can be used as part of a general massage or used on their own when your baby is very distressed.

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