What is reflux and can baby massage help?

baby's tummy and legs,

According to the Royal Children’s Hospital website “reflux is when stomach contents are brought back up into either the oesophagus or mouth. It happens spontaneously and, unlike vomiting, is effortless.

Most reflux is swallowed back into the stomach but occasionally it is regurgitated. Parents are usually more aware of regurgitation, especially after feeds. It normally stops by the time the child is about one year old.

Some babies regurgitate more than others - this does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong. It does not usually harm your child and is unlikely to cause problems later on in life”.

Infant massage can be of assistance in several ways. There are specific strokes designed to assist the stomach, which is where reflux starts.

The reflux strokes and associated positions can be used as part of a general massage or used on their own when your baby is very distressed.

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